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16 Tools to Turbo Boost Your Blogging Process

Do you blog regularly? Are you looking for tools to make the process easier? Blogging is hard work and it takes a lot of time to do it well. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline parts of that process? In this article, you’ll find a list of tools, apps and advice you can use to find your groove and take care of blogging business. #1: Brainstorm Blogging Ideas When you need inspiration for your next blog post, where do you go? You can avoid blogger’s block by trying out these idea-generators to quickly get your creative juices flowing. How to Use Quora to Cook Up Great Content: Adrienne Erin writes a pretty inspiring post about scanning Quora to find popular conversations and using those topics to create blog content. Don’t Know What to Write About? Get Ideas From the Blog Topic Generator [Free Tool]: Ginny Soskey … [Read more...]

6 Steps for Creating High Conversion Healthcare Content

Your job as a business owner or healthcare marketing professional is to get more customers to buy from you. But you can’t get today’s customers to buy from you using yesterday’s methods. Today customers have access to vast amounts of information (both online and offline) that informs their buying decisions. They want information from you as well. Not just product information or mere marketing messages, but rather information that provides tangible solutions to the real-world healthcare problems they are facing. Creating this kind of content enables companies like yours to build trust in their communities, thus making it easier for customers to buy. Here are 6 steps to creating high conversion healthcare content: #1.Tie content to measurable marketing goals For any content campaign to be successful you must tie your content … [Read more...]

5 Content Marketing Tips to Reach Dis-Engaged Patients

Here's something you don't hear everyday - 'Patient engagement is actually declining'. According to a study by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions: One in three healthcare consumers are currently disengaged reporting less need for care, preventative action, interest in patient education resources, and financial preparation; One in two follow a 'passive patient' approach relying on doctors for decisions, preferring standard care, and adhering to treatment; Even those who are 'online and onboard' with innovative health technologies have increased only slightly from 15% in 2008 to 17% in 2012. Not Interested The biggest challenge providers face might be trying to engage patients who aren't necessarily interested in engagement. Think about the online content consumption habits of a 'typical patient': They don't … [Read more...]

4 Essential Content Marketing Ingredients for HealthCare Organizations

Patients are better informed today than they were just ten years ago. Instead of consulting a doctor, they first check the Internet. With all the health-related content that is available online, they are more aware of their specific condition and thus able to make better choices about their treatment. Unfortunately there is also a lot of false and harmful information out there that can be extremely dangerous for them to follow. That's why healthcare brands have a responsibility to educate and empower consumers with accurate, readable content that will guide their health and wellness decisions. However patients won't call your office or hotline number to ask questions and get the answers they need. Instead they'll go online to look for helpful content. If they don't find what they're looking for on your website or they will … [Read more...]

Healthcare Blogging: 6 Types of Content that People Love

It takes more than just publishing a blog article and sharing it on Facebook to get the comments, shares and page views rolling in. If you think about it, 2 million blog posts are published everyday on the social web. And most of those marketers are using social media to promote their content anyway. So doing the bare minimum likely won't cut it. Knowing what type of content your prospects want to read and share is absolutely necessary. The best way to find out what people want is to ask them. Simply conduct a survey and ask people in your social media networks: "What do you find to be the most valuable content when looking for a potential solution?" Then offer a selection of answers for people to choose from e.g. blog posts, white papers, e-book, webinar, podcast, video, case study, in-person events and so on. Or you … [Read more...]

Why Frustration is an Important Part of Your Corporate Story

Many times when talking about the benefits of our product or services, we focus on the successes, the stories or testimonials of satisfied customers, and on happy endings. Rarely do we talk about the frustrations that went hand-in-hand with creating the solution. The problem with this approach is that it's only partly true. As someone wisely said, "before we find the answer, before we even know the question, we must be immersed in disappointment, convinced that a solution is beyond our reach." Frustration and disappointment come in different ways: lack of support, tight budgets and limited resources, negative reviews, differences of opinion, disgruntled employees, mental blocks and so on. And these are precisely the things that we must wrestle with before a solution can be found. These too are an important part of the … [Read more...]

Very Basic Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

Once in a while, I meet people who don't understand what content marketing means. But what's interesting is that they're actually practicing content marketing without realizing it. You might be one of them. If you're  new to the concept of content marketing (even if you're already a practitioner) and are considering getting more focused on using interesting, valuable, and relevant information to promote your business, then there are some basic questions you should be asking yourself. The key thing to remember though, is that content marketing is not so much about you as it is about your customer. It's about solving THEIR problems first, so that they become your customers later. Here's what you should be thinking about: Your Business 1. What are your business goals/objectives? 2. What do you want to be known for (unique … [Read more...]

The 7 Elements of Smart Content [Infographic]

Infographics are the in thing right now and I thought it would be a neat idea to present some cool ones on this blog as well. My first content marketing infographic is actually a visual interpretation of an article I curated last October called the 7 elements of smart content. I hope you like it. I will be adding more content and social media infographics every so often for your enjoyment. By the way, please re-tweet, share or pin this infographic on Pinterest if you like. Well, what do you think? … [Read more...]

Compelling Content: How to Create it in 22 Fascinating Ways [Infographic]

Last year I wrote about, "How to Blog when You Don't Have Time." This is one of the pressing challenges that marketers face in regards to creating content. But another challenge - equally daunting - is "What do I blog about?" It's something that practically every writer struggles with. Copyblogger has answered this question in a remarkable way - with an infographic. Here it is, "22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don't Have a Clue." Enjoy! Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger. Over to you: What do you think about this infographic - both the visual elements and the ideas it represents? Please leave your comments in the box below. … [Read more...]

10 Easy Content Marketing Tips You Can Apply Today!

Content Marketing is all about engaging a well-targeted audience with valuable, helpful and compelling content that solves their problems and persuades them to do business with you. There is a strategic approach to creating valuable content, but assuming you're already doing that, here are 10 easy tips to embellish the content that you are currently producing: Tweak your Email Signature Below your email signature line, attach a link to a helpful & relevant blog post from your website to encourage email recipients to explore your site. Solve problems Focus on the core problem that your business solves. Then put out lots of content, enthusiasm, and ideas about how to solve that problem. (Put content on your blog, other people's blogs i.e. guest blogging, e-books or white papers, webinars, Google Hangouts, audio podcasts … [Read more...]