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5 Things Highly Effective Content Marketers Do Differently

Are you wondering what the best content marketers do differently? Why not take a peek into their habits and practices, to glean insights that could take your own content marketing to the next level? A while back, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs published their latest report, B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America. The report shows two sides of content marketing. On one hand, the industry is still growing and has a long way to go. On the other hand, things are looking up and confidence is growing as many marketers start to get it right! Where Are We Headed? What’s clear from the report is that the most successful B2B marketers are doing more! “More what?” you ask. Well, they’re spending more money, paying more attention to strategy, using more tactics and social media platforms … [Read more...]

6 Steps for Creating High Conversion Healthcare Content

Your job as a business owner or healthcare marketing professional is to get more customers to buy from you. But you can’t get today’s customers to buy from you using yesterday’s methods. Today customers have access to vast amounts of information (both online and offline) that informs their buying decisions. They want information from you as well. Not just product information or mere marketing messages, but rather information that provides tangible solutions to the real-world healthcare problems they are facing. Creating this kind of content enables companies like yours to build trust in their communities, thus making it easier for customers to buy. Here are 6 steps to creating high conversion healthcare content: #1.Tie content to measurable marketing goals For any content campaign to be successful you must tie your content … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Not To Outsource Your Content Marketing Strategy

If your organization is new to content marketing you may feel tempted to rush out and hire a consultant to help you set the strategy. But hold on just a minute! I understand that the practice of content marketing is relatively new (about fifteen years or so). I also understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed about the things you don't know about publishing. And that bringing in outside help might sound like a good idea to help make sense of it all. Image Source: Michael Fitch, Wikimedia, Creative Commons License But is it really? Here are three reasons why outsourcing your content marketing strategy may not be such a good idea. #1. It's Your Story Frankly if you need a consultant to tell you what your story should be, I have to wonder if you even know what you want talk about in the first place. Good content … [Read more...]

How People Search for Online Healthcare content

There's three things that you should understand about your searchers on the Internet: #1.They are impatient! They will not waste time wading through pages and pages of results after their first query. They want the best results in the shortest amount of time. #2. Generally they don't go beyond the first page of the SERP. They would much rather refine their search than go through more pages of less relevant results. #3. They search for content in three different ways: Navigational search Your searcher is expecting only one result and their query has a very specific and targeted intent. They've visited your website before or they know that your organization exists. And so they go straight to your website by entering the url e.g. '' or they Google the term 'baltimore medical system'. Informational search Here your … [Read more...]

3 Things that Content Marketing Will NOT Do for You

Do you have a great blog, but no one is reading it? Or perhaps they read it and don't come back? Sometimes the problem with content is not the strategy itself. If you're crossing all the 't's and dotting all the 'i's, then you might be unaware of the following three problems that cannot be solved even by content marketing best practices. Content marketing will not: Make up for lack of personality The other day I saw an interesting article titled, "Bloggers Do It With Feeling" on The author asked this question: "How many times have you stumbled across a blog and felt that something is missing? They have great content. They even have a really cool photo to draw your eye in. The text is large enough to read easily. The blogger kindly responds to your comment, yet you never go back." Your audience is looking … [Read more...]

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do you find yourself struggling to figure out what keywords to use on your website content or blog? Identifying and using targeted key words helps to create synergy between all your content marketing efforts. It's a great SEO strategy that helps to strengthen your marketing around the keywords you want to rank highly for in search. It also helps to generate coveted back-links to your website or blog. Read full article here. **Article and image from Tech Nick Consulting … [Read more...]