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7 Steps to Measure Content Marketing Success

Measuring content marketing success shouldn't be a vague or ambiguous process. If you're doing it right, then you know that content can produce measurable results. However for many marketers, connecting the dots between content development and pay off can be a little tricky. Too often, business-owners adopt a spagetti approach to content marketing by throwing a bunch of tactics against the wall and hoping that some will stick! In this curated article from Content Marketing Institute, Roger Parker, explains that the key to success is to keep asking deep questions about your content - Does it engage your market? Does your content support your organization's long-term goals? Do you have an efficient process for selecting and producing topics for your content? His goal is to encourage businesses and self-employed professionals … [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline: How to Tell Your Corporate Story

As you know today (March 30th, 2012) is the day that Facebook Timeline is officially applied to all business pages. Some brands have been looking forward to this day, and even preparing for it by publishing their Timeline early and experimenting with its different features. But for other brands, Timeline has not been good news. Those who invested a lot of time and money creating custom landing pages, which have essentially been wiped away by Timeline, are none too thrilled. The thought of re-learning and re-investing in a new profile is discouraging to say the least. But the fact is, Timeline is here and there's nothing any of us can do to change that. As Brian Solis says in his new book (The End of Business as Usual), we must "Adapt or Die!" And so I was very pleased to see this article on Content Marketing Institute that … [Read more...]

Presentation Tips: 15 Ways to “Wow!” the Crowd

Have you done any public speaking? If not, do you wonder how great speakers execute flawless presentations with such (seemingly) little effort? Public speaking, key notes and online presentations are hard work. It takes time and practice to learn how to perform well and more so, how to captivate your audience. Part of it might come naturally, but for the most part repetition and rehearsal are the key to flawless presentations. Joe Pulizzi (founder of Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Managing Content Marketing) is a great speaker with over 300 presentations under his belt. In this article, Joe shares 15 great tips and tricks that he has used over the years to polish up his presentation skills. Some tips are really simple - like smiling a lot! But others are probably things you haven't thought of before, like … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

There's not a single person I know that doesn't know what social media marketing is. At the very least they understand that it has to do with marketing on the different social networks - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently Pinterest. But content marketing...what is that?   Is it print publishing, as in magazines? Is it some branch of journalism? Or perhaps the marketing of books? Content marketing is the kind or term that people understand when you describe the kind of work it involves. I recently read an article in which one commentator rendered a rather creative interpretation: "Content marketing is like organising a party in your own house. It's your own real estate and you can party as long as you wish (and decide the music and drinks).  Social media marketing is more like organising a party … [Read more...]

How Brands Have Become Publishers

A  lot of people think of content marketing as a 'new thing'. But the fact is content marketing has actually been around for almost a century. Back in 1931 John Deere created 'The Furrow' magazine, to educate farmers on new technology and how it could help them become more successful. This publication is now widely accepted as being the first example of corporate story-telling (content marketing). Today all brands have become publishers and are creating content in one form or another (the barriers to corporate publishing are gone). The only difference between traditional media publishers and non-media publishers is how the money comes in: For a media publishing brand, content is created in order to make money either through direct selling of content (e.g. newspapers and magazines) or advertising sales. But for a non-media … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Create Content That Pulls Prospects In

The biggest challenge that all content marketers face is creating a steady flow of compelling content that attracts and retains customers and prospects at every stage of their buying cycle. (Source: Content Marketing Institute/ MarketingProfs) The problem is that there is so much competing content on the Internet that it's difficult for content marketers to cut through the noise and say something interesting that will cause people to stop and take note. In this insightful article by Heidi Cohen of Content Marketing Institute, she introduces 7 ways to develop content that will pull in those prospects, meet their content needs, and do so at exactly the right time that they're ready to receive it! Heidi understands completely the road-blocks that content creators face on a day-to-day basis and she offers valuable solutions to this … [Read more...]

How Smart Content Solves the Engagement Problem

A recent study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, revealed that content marketing acceptance and usage is high across all industries, with no single industry reporting less than 70% adoption. And yet just like in previous years, marketers continue to lament that their number one challenge is creating relevant and engaging content. Why is engagement still a problem? Well let's look at it from the consumers point of view. If you think about it, customers are accidental content consumers. They don't visit a business website merely for their reading pleasure. They're there to buy, to get product information or for support. If they happen to encounter relevant, or engaging content while they're at it, then that becomes additional information that helps to support their buying decision. The funny thing is that smart content … [Read more...]

Brand New Study Reveals What Makes for Effective Content Marketing

A newly released study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs titled, 'B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends' shows that: "40% of marketers consider themselves to be more effective in content marketing than their competitors." According to the report effective marketers spend more money and are more strategic in their approach: #1. They allocate 31% more of their budget on content marketing compared to less effective marketers who only invest 18%. #2. They are 50% more likely to consider the "stage in the buying cycle" when developing content, while less effective marketers tailor their content any way they please. #3. They benefit from significantly more buy-in from senior members of the organization. While content effectiveness is defined by an organization's specific goals, the top content … [Read more...]

42 Content Marketing Commandments

This article is written by Joe Pulizzi, founder and CEO of Content Marketing Institute, as a Thanksgiving tribute to content marketers everywhere. "At the end of 2009, I published 30 content marketing truths that I have taped above my desk. I then revised the list and republished it last Thanksgiving, as this list is something that I am grateful for because it is a constant reminder for me to stay focused. In the spirit of Thanksgiving in the U.S., and to give my own thanks for all that I have learned this year, I’ve added some new content marketing commandments and truisms that I’d like to share with you." Read full article by Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute.   … [Read more...]