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5 Things Highly Effective Content Marketers Do Differently

Are you wondering what the best content marketers do differently? Why not take a peek into their habits and practices, to glean insights that could take your own content marketing to the next level? A while back, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs published their latest report, B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America. The report shows two sides of content marketing. On one hand, the industry is still growing and has a long way to go. On the other hand, things are looking up and confidence is growing as many marketers start to get it right! Where Are We Headed? What’s clear from the report is that the most successful B2B marketers are doing more! “More what?” you ask. Well, they’re spending more money, paying more attention to strategy, using more tactics and social media platforms … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Create Content That Pulls Prospects In

The biggest challenge that all content marketers face is creating a steady flow of compelling content that attracts and retains customers and prospects at every stage of their buying cycle. (Source: Content Marketing Institute/ MarketingProfs) The problem is that there is so much competing content on the Internet that it's difficult for content marketers to cut through the noise and say something interesting that will cause people to stop and take note. In this insightful article by Heidi Cohen of Content Marketing Institute, she introduces 7 ways to develop content that will pull in those prospects, meet their content needs, and do so at exactly the right time that they're ready to receive it! Heidi understands completely the road-blocks that content creators face on a day-to-day basis and she offers valuable solutions to this … [Read more...]

An Editorial Calendar: The Productive Writer’s Guide

No writer wants to think of themselves as unproductive. But from time to time it happens to the best of us and I...blame it on the Internet. Facebook, email and everything in between will conspire to consume our attention, yet we ourselves must create content that is worth other people's attention. The problem is that attention is hard to get (and retain). You don't want to disappoint your readers by giving them something useless and risk losing their readership forever. And so you must plan to write and publish the kind of content where every word is read and your relevance as a writer is established. That's why you cannot neglect the editorial calendar. It is your content publishing plan. As a writer and a content marketer, you must learn to think like a publisher in order to preserve the quality, integrity, … [Read more...]

Quit Guessing: Whose Job is Content?

Do you know who's in charge of content at your organization? Or is Marketing considered to be the default custodian of all-things content? In some ways, content is like the new baby in the family. No-body really wants to share a room with her. But even if she has her own, she still needs constant monitoring. Organizational responsibility Content marketing should never be the responsibility of one person or one department such as PR, Marketing, or Advertising. It is the whole organization's responsibility and as such, anyone who has the ability and desire to participate in content creation should be encouraged and empowered. The important thing is that content creators have a deep understanding of the customers' needs. Persuasive writers Having said that, the process of content creation should be performed by those … [Read more...]

Content Curation Best Practices

The proliferation of the Internet has transformed the way we create, publish and distribute content. Think about the pre-Internet era when companies were at the mercy of content publishers for distribution of content, and where consumers had very few options and meager resources for information gathering. Today, the situation is exactly the opposite. Read the full article here. ** What I have done here - providing information that was created by someone else (while staying focused on my subject area) is a good illustration of content curation. Have you thought about incorporating content curation into your content marketing strategy? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. … [Read more...]

Should Content Marketers Go on Vacation?

Ask yourself this question: As a content marketer, is there a connection between vacation and creativity...between vacation and clarity of thought? I  think so. As I write this, I'm preparing to head up north to Ithaca for a much needed summer break. But I'm worried about my blog. You see I'm the sole content creator here in my little world. Who will write my blog when I'm gone? Should I stack up several blog posts and automatically schedule them over the next two weeks?  Or should I just give my blog some breathing space? The Vacation Narrative The idea behind vacation is that everyone needs time to slow down, to refresh and re-energize. This is especially true for bloggers and content marketers. Time away from the computer screen allows you to acquire different experiences, to stimulate your imagination, and to support new … [Read more...]

Are You a Remarkable Writer? Lessons from Food Network’s ‘Chopped’

Some of you who know me know that I'm a Food Network junkie. My favorite show these days is 'Chopped'. The show is all about skill, creativity and timeliness and the idea is to survive the dreaded 'chopping block'. Unfamiliar Territory Competing chefs are given some mystery (unfamiliar) ingredients and are asked to create a remarkable three-course meal - one that can withstand the heat of harsh culinary criticism from the show's judges. If you're not experienced in the kitchen, you quickly learn that the mark of a true gourmet chef lies in his ability to create a remarkable dish from unusual and unremarkable ingredients. After all, any one can throw together some jerk chicken and rice. And so it is with content creation. Embrace the Challenge It's OK to 'write what you know' especially if you're a blogger. But sometimes it's … [Read more...]

Content Creation: Who Inspires Your Blog?

The blogoshpere can be a confusing space. On the one hand it's fantastic to experience the sense of community and camaradarie that comes with reading, engaging and sharing one another's content. It creates (amongst bloggers) a synergy that inspires and challenges us to become better, more informed content writers. However there is a huge temptation to draw our inspiration from the wrong place. Sometimes we look to other bloggers - usually the more experienced or influential ones - to direct the tone of our blog. This is a completely misleading approach. Role of Other Bloggers True -  other bloggers have an important role to play in the evolution of your blog. By sharing their knowledge with you, they teach you the technical skills that you need to have your own successful blog. They might also lend some ideas that can help you create … [Read more...]

Content Creation: How to Get Your Writing Project Flowing Again

Writing can be hateful. Especially when you don't know what to say. The blank computer screen taunts you as if to say "What's it gonna be?" And if you knew what it was going to be, would you be in this position? So my friends over at Engage the Blog have some conventional wisdom to share with those who need help getting unstuck while creating content. Take a look at this engaging article that they wrote - quite brilliant in its simplicity regarding the issue of 'writer's block.' Question: What kind of problems do you experience with content creation? … [Read more...]