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Healthcare Blogging: How to Build Strong Content Foundations

Healthcare marketers aren't the only ones struggling to create compelling content. A lot of corporate content is centered around stuff that no-one reads such as press releases and product pitches. That's not the kind of content prospects want. Healthcare blogging needs content that entices prospects to subscribe to your email channel because email is where permission-based selling takes place. This is called content to content conversion (more on that later). But how do you create enticing content in the first place?   Build strong foundations My kids love the Katie Woo book series by Fran Manushkin. Katie is a spunky, sassy, stylish school-girl that young readers fall in love with. Her stories are perfect for explaining life changes, family celebrations and growing up. Kids love her because she helps them … [Read more...]

Effective Content Marketing: How to Solve Your Customers Problems

What problems do you solve for your customers? A content marketer's biggest challenge is to solve customers' problems while maximizing the effectiveness of his or her content. Now pay attention because this is important. No matter what you do in life you should be adding value to other people's lives. The way to add value to others is to help them solve their problems or challenges and for that you need to have the mindset of a "problem sniffer".  What does that mean? It means that people (i.e. customers) generally buy pain killers, not vitamins (even when times are hard and the economy is down). In other words people will pay more money to avoid a problem (loss or pain) than they will to gain a benefit. Photo credit: So when you create a product or service that solves problems or fulfills a … [Read more...]