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Something That Made Me Smile

Last night I watched Rudy.

Rudy comes from a working-class family. There is nothing special about him. His grades are poor, he has no athletic ability and he is short. Yet he is determined to play college football for Notre Dame.

He ends up on the practice squad where he plays with more passion than the best players on the team.

For his determination and fighting spirit, people start to notice him. What he lacks in skill, he over-compensates in effort, hard-work and heart. Even the coach wishes his top-players were more like Rudy.

Most of the time it’s just hard on him, hanging in there waiting and hoping that some day he’ll be good enough to play a real game. So he quits. Then he comes back.

But in the end Rudy does play for Notre Dame, and he inspires a whole town of middle-class workers and kids who had never dared to dream about going to college.

I smiled because I realized how important it is to show up daily, no-matter how uneventful and ordinary the circumstances. Showing up is half the battle won. It’s what we must do. We can’t control the outcome of our efforts. What we can control, are the actions that we perform.

Think about that, and make up your mind to show up every day – without fail – for whatever it is that you’ve put your heart into.

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