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Social Media Success Summit 2012: Why Healthcare Employees Should Attend

“We are judged more by how we listen than by what we say,” ~ Farris Timimi, Medical Director of Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

Mayo Clinic is probably the best example of ‘healthcare doing social media right‘. In fact several times a year they hold their own social media boot camps, where they provide intense hands-on training to healthcare employees who are beginners in social media.

These boot camps are a wonderful opportunity for healthcare employees to get relevant social media training. They are also proof of Mayo Clinic’s industry leadership in social media.

But do you wonder where they learn everything that they know about social media?

From Social Media Success Summit (SMSS).

What is Social Media Success Summit (SMSS)

SMSS is a fully online social media conference that will help you master all the social media platforms (Google+, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest) to improve customer service and patient satisfaction.

Relevant social media training for healthcare employees

Because it is 100% online you can attend the summit on your computer in the comfort of your home or office and thus eliminate any long-distance bills or travel expenses associated with regular on-site conferences.

This is the perfect opportunity for busy healthcare employees who have no time to travel. What’s even better is that each session is recorded, so if you miss a session (or two), both the video and the transcript are emailed to you the very same evening!


Social Media Success Summit starts on May 1st and is spread out over four weeks to accomodate your schedule as well as to improve learning.

Why attend?

Upon completion of this summit you should be able to:

  • Apply social media best practices (i.e. Google+, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest) to your own organization;
  • Select which social media tools are most appropriate for your organization;
  • Identify components of an appropriate social media strategy;
  • Explain how social media tools can help improve your organization;
  • Recognize ways social media can help improve patient and employee communications;.
  • Analyze ways social media can improve patient and provider education; and
  • Demonstrate how to shoot videos with a pocket camcorder and other video cameras and equipment.

If Mayo Clinic has become the social media trailblazer in the industry from attending these summits, don’t you think you could benefit tremendously from the same training?

How to Register

If you would like to save 50% off the regular ticket price (a $300 saving!) then register today by clicking on this link. Remember this early-bird special is time limited and will not be available for long.

Disclaimer: As an affiliate of Social Media Examiner (the presenters of Social Media Success Summit 2012) I will receive a small compensation for your ticket purchase.

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