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Social Media Sites Can Help Parents of Special Needs Kids

It’s summertime!

As a mom of two very active children, I spend the summer trying to keep them busy.  As soon as spring break is over, I’m busy Googling overnight summer camps, day camps, swim lessons, soccer lessons, and ANYTHING that will hold their interest.

While I want things to be fun, I also want activities that are educational and beneficial to them. But it’s not that easy…

What I need

…is more resourceful information.

For example, how do other parents of special needs children find reputable local activities and camps? Do their healthcare providers list special needs camps on their Facebook pages? Not where I’m from.

Happy, healthy, busy kids

Parents of special needs kids need help keeping them happy and busy

But I’m thinking – wouldn’t life be simpler for us parents if we could just go to our pediatrician’s social media page and find links to various organizations that provide camps and other recreational services? Because many times, we don’t really know where to find this information and we could use some help!

For Example…

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

A great example of a facility helping special needs kids is The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Cancer Center. Under their “Specialties and Services” tab, there are over thirty links to different organizations, resources, and information sheets (not to mention the list of books) to help support families dealing with cancer.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Cancer Center website provides multiple links to resourceful information to help children

These links include support information for the parents, informational sites for the child, pediatric references, and non-profit organizations for children with cancer or surviving cancer.

Promedica Toledo Children’s Hospital

Promedica Toledo Children’s Hospital is an advocate for child safety. The hospital is a leading agency for Safe Kids U.S.A.  This non-profit group is focused on the prevention of accidental childhood injuries through public education, community programming, safety product distribution, legislation and media outreach.

Under their “Special Services” tab, there is a listing for four different programs for children’s safety that is sponsored by Safe Kids in the Greater Toledo area.

The Navy

Even the Navy is a great example. Naval Hospital Bremerton in Bremerton, Washington is providing online support to families dealing with autism. According to a recent article by Douglas H. Stutz with Naval Hospital Bremerton Public Affairs, one out of 88 military family members is diagnosed with autism.

The Naval hospital lists many resources on its website including the Military Special Needs Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to these families with an autistic family member.

Key Takeaway

Kudos to the many healthcare providers and facilities that are already listing resources, events, and special activities for families facing ongoing health issues. These listings and links provide a much needed resource for parents looking for information to improve their kids health.  And it does make a huge difference in supporting families struggling with special needs.

Over to you: As a pediatrician or pediatric facility, what additional social sites or links could you add to your website to help parents with special needs kids?


  1. You guys continue to come up with good content ideas here, Deanna. 🙂

    We keep hearing that we “live in the information age” yet there are still plenty of facilities that are dropping the ball in information sharing. Our local hospital (about 5 minutes from my office) barely has a website, much less a decent social media presence. Still a ways to go.


    Jason Boies
    Radian6 Community Team

    • DeannaT Reed says:


      I completely agree. It concerns me that hospitals without specialties (i.e. children’s hospitals) are lacking these kinds of references and resources. Hopefully, they will get on board soon to help these parents and families out. I know I will appreciate it!

      Thanks for the comment.


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