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Should Content Marketers Go on Vacation?

Ask yourself this question: As a content marketer, is there a connection between vacation and creativity…between vacation and clarity of thought?

creativity and vacation

I  think so.

As I write this, I’m preparing to head up north to Ithaca for a much needed summer break. But I’m worried about my blog. You see I’m the sole content creator here in my little world.

Who will write my blog when I’m gone? Should I stack up several blog posts and automatically schedule them over the next two weeks?  Or should I just give my blog some breathing space?

The Vacation Narrative

The idea behind vacation is that everyone needs time to slow down, to refresh and re-energize. This is especially true for bloggers and content marketers.

Time away from the computer screen allows you to acquire different experiences, to stimulate your imagination, and to support new ideas. To put it simply, vacation time is extremely beneficial to your content marketing efforts.


Who will feed the sheep?

Let’s agree on one thing. In content marketing there is no such thing as a ‘slow season‘.

Even when clients and customers are away and your staff takes the opportunity to go on vacation themselves, the blog must still be fed and your social media networks cannot be ignored. Someone has to tend to your audience because they still expect to hear from you.

If the person in charge of content marketing takes off, they better make sure that there is continuity.

Content, consistency and contingency plans

Consistency is one of the most crucial elements of content marketing.

If we’re constantly urging our clients to be consistent with their content marketing efforts, we better be seen to be doing the same. Content marketers do not have the luxury of letting their content go while they’re gone on vacation.

And so a lot of planning and preparation is needed before you decide to hit the beach (or the mountains!).

That might mean that you make arrangements with a guest blogger, or that you accumulate several articles before you leave. And if the worst comes to the worst, be prepared to multi-task while you’re sun-bathing in Ocean City. But I just don’t think that your content marketing should miss a beat. (Sorry – that’s just me!).

It’s true: planning to take a vacation can cause anxiety (especially if you’re American or Japanese – Europeans, not so much!). But with some forethought and planning, a break can be a really good thing. Heck you might even conceive an idea for a book!

Over to you

What do you think? What can content marketers do to ensure continuity while they’re on vacation? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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