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E-Health Product Reviews/Sponsors

With tens of thousands of health-related digital tools such as healthcare apps for smart phones, wellness devices, and other resources for general wellness it’s getting harder and harder for consumers to choose.

In fact even finding out which digital health tools and services exist in the first place is a challenge. There are new and existing players in the market who are yet to be discovered.

On-line Reviews Matter

According to the 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey, “More consumers are consulting reviews as a logical step in their pre-purchase research of local business services.” The survey also reports that trust in reviews is up, enabling consumers to form opinions faster and act on those opinions.

Since the authenticity (or perceived authenticity) of reviews is becoming a more significant factor as consumers become accustomed to reviews, it’s important that your product receive objective, trustworthy reviews that people can trust.

Do you have a health e-tool you’d like to share?

I love to talk and share with my readers about new and cool health e-tools in the market. If you’re in the digital health space and have a product or service that you’d like to share with a wider audience, I will gladly give you a definitive and objective review.

Not only will more people discover your tool, they will also benefit from an unbiased, third party product evaluation to help them make an informed buying decision.

Let’s Talk

All reviews and opinions are based on my own personal experience with a product or service. I will only recommend tools and services that I like and would personally use for myself, or my family. If there is something that I do not like about a product, I will say so and will refrain from giving a recommendation.

If you have a great product and would like me to write a review about it, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at patricia@wordviewediting for more details.

Here’s to your rave review!