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Quit Guessing: Whose Job is Content?

Do you know who’s in charge of content at your organization?

Or is Marketing considered to be the default custodian of all-things content?

In some ways, content is like the new baby in the family.

No-body really wants to share a room with her. But even if she has her own, she still needs constant monitoring.

who is in charge of content at your organization

Organizational responsibility

Content marketing should never be the responsibility of one person or one department such as PR, Marketing, or Advertising.

It is the whole organization’s responsibility and as such, anyone who has the ability and desire to participate in content creation should be encouraged and empowered.

The important thing is that content creators have a deep understanding of the customers’ needs.

Persuasive writers

Having said that, the process of content creation should be performed by those who can engage others with such compelling information that customers are able to make pragmatic and informed decisions.

In other words content creators should provide content that persuades buyers to choose your solution.

As Joe Chernov, VP of content marketing at Eloqua says, the goal (of the content creator) is to:

“Identify content that will be share-worthy to the company’s audience…content that gets people to talk about you and spend time on your website and gets them to engage in the things you want them to engage in.” (Chernov, J. “Whose Job is Content?” by Rebecca Lieb,, May 10th 2011).

Technical skills

For sure those who actually create content must have certain indispensable skills such as writing, research, photography, editing, SEO copywriting, web development, designing. And indeed there should be one person to oversee the whole content marketing process.

Over to you: Who’s in charge of content at your organization? What approach have you taken in creating content?

Image credit: Shashi Bellamkonda (@shashib)

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