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Policy vs People: How NOT to Frustrate Your Customers in 2011

Look. I didn’t mean to end the year on a sour note. I was looking forward to going dancing tonight!

Then I called AT&T to check on the status of an order that I initiated last week. I’m trying to switch services from another wireless carrier to theirs. It turns out, that not only was my order NOT shipped, it wasn’t even approved. Policy issues. And no-one called to tell me there was a problem.

I understand the importance of policy. I know that written guidelines help organizations to function smoothly. Policies ensure that everyone understands their role within the organization.

But what really bothers me is when policies become the end-all-be-all. When customers take a back seat to policy. When the customer service agent won’t budge to help you with a problem because “our policy does not allow this and that…”.

Aren’t policies supposed to benefit people? Isn’t the ultimate purpose of policy to enhance the smooth operation of an organization IN ORDER TO retain customers – not chase them away! Maybe I missed the memo.

In any case, I know one thing for sure – policies don’t make things happen, customers do. And if customers aren’t happy, then nothing will happen.

I’m looking forward to a productive year where people can look at WordView Editing as a place where they come first and their needs are met. I hope that policy takes the back seat in 2011.

Here’s to a people-first mentality this coming year!


  1. Hear hear! I hope you did go dancing and had fun when embracing the new year, Patricia. Here’s to a people-first mentality this coming year!

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