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Of Barbers, Bartenders & Business Communication

Managing a business is the same no matter what industry you’re in.

But for some reason, barbers and bartenders have figured out some tricks to energize their service and make brand evangelists out of their customers!

How do they do it?

I am told, that they employ the simplest of marketing strategies:

  • they know your name;
  • they immediately make you feel comfortable;
  • they engage in the best conversations ever;
  • they don’t forget what you talked about the last time;
  • you don’t have to tell  them what you want – they already know;
  • they do an outstanding job;
  • and they don’t forget the little things  – the finishing touches that make it a WOW experience!

It’s not about a stunning haircut or a scrumptious Martguerita (you could get those anywhere). It’s the experience that you have with them, and only with them!

The next time you’re on the phone with a client, or on Twitter with a prospect, why don’t you start the conversation by asking them a selfless question such as, “How’s your family?”.

What other business tips and tricks could you learn from your barber or bartender?


  1. What good stylists/barbers and bartenders also do best is focus on one customer at a time! When you are getting a haircut, or ordering a drink, you feel the stylist/bartender’s attention is on YOU and only YOU at that moment. The interaction is personal, individualized and fully one-on-one.

    As busy freelancers, it’s easy to forget that our clients need to feel that their needs and concerns should be the most important thing in our day – and making them feel that way leads to long-term, fruitful relationships.

    • You’re absolutely right Mady! They make you feel special and cared for. That is what we should strive to do with our own clients. I think as solo professionals, we are more likely to give that personal attention because ‘we’ are the ‘brand’. However, it’s something to keep in mind even as we transition into a small business structure. Thanks for the feedback Mady!

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