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New Mobile Health App Helps Families Feel More Secure

Do you know someone who is constantly sick or in poor health? Do you worry that something might happen to them when there’s no-one closeby to assist?

If so, there’s good news for you and those you love that are in that situation.

SecuraTrac (the folks who make GPS-enabled tracking devices for health and safety) and Vital Connect (a body sensor manufacturer) have teamed up to develop a mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) called SecuraFone Health.

Securafone mobile personal emergency response system

Securafone is scheduled for release later this year for both iPhone and Android

This is a new, innovative app that will give medical professionals, caregivers and family members real-time notification, when an unexpected health crisis occurs.


  • By detecting falls, dangerous changes in heart rate, respiration, or vital signs, medical staff and family are immediately alerted about the change as well as the user’s real-time location.
  • Vital Connect developed a water-resistant patch that the user wears on the chest or back and is replaceable every two to three days.
  • A wireless sensor communicates with the user’s smartphone within a 50-foot radius.
  • A 24/7 emergency response center monitors the sensor’s readings as part of the monthly service.

When SecuraFone Health is released later this year, it will provide a greater sense of comfort and independence for users, as well as peace of mind for families and caregivers.

How SecuraFone Can Help (Personal Story)

I knew that my disabled, wheelchair-bound mother had been sick with a stomach virus for a few days, but nothing prepared me for what I found.

As the only family-member within 300 miles, I try to check on my mother every day to make sure that she’s alright. One Sunday morning Mom was feeling weak and tired, and committed to resting for the day and going to the doctor later in the week if need be. When I spoke to her that same night, she sounded tired and groggy but told me there was no need to come by.

On Monday, she didn’t answer the phone any of the four times I called her during my short work day. As soon as I was able to leave early, I went straight over to check on her. As I walked in and called out, I found my mom in the tub shivering cold, too weak to get out by herself.

After she was admitted to the hospital for dehydration and kidney failure, we discovered that she had been in the bathtub for over four hours unable to get out.

Mom is fine now, but what a difference this technology could have made for her four years ago when she really needed it!

If this story sounds familiar to you, be sure to check out the full story about Securafone here. Passive monitoring is becoming increasingly important in the mobile healthcare environment. For at-risk patients, particularly children and elderly people who are not able to fully take care of themselves, it could very well save their lives.

Over to you: Do you have someone in your life facing a similar situation? What kind of technology have you explored to address some of the imminent problems?

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