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Medical Conversations Happening on Twitter, Not Facebook

When Twitter initially launched I was largely skeptical on how it could be utilized in medicine.  Initially I thought Facebook was a better option due to the ability to use more than 140 characters.

Over time though, it has become clear that medical conversations are happening on Twitter, not Facebook.

Medical conversations more suited to Twitter, not Facebook

Medical conversations more suited to Twitter, not Facebook

Mainly because Facebook’s privacy settings are so nebulous.  Over time I’ve come to realize Facebook is starting to turn into the old Internet Explorer — bloated.

Twitter is simple, straightforward, and you’re not worried about messing around with various profile settings due to updated policies every few months. Even though I was an early adopter of Facebook, getting an account during my college years months after it’s launch, I stopped using it a few months ago and haven’t looked back. Continue reading here…


  1. […] shouldn’t be too swayed by this feature is that Facebook doesn’t appear to be the best place for healthcare conversations. Privacy settings are nebulous and the risk of engagement is higher than say, on Twitter. Twitter […]

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