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Is Too Much Information Killing Your Business

Too much information

Too much information

‘TMI’ or ‘too much information’ is not just a Face Book phenomenon.  It is clearly a corporate communication issue.  Even with words, less is more! Too much communication is the root of ‘The Cocktail Party Syndrome’.

Consider this scenario.  You go to Macy’s because you need to buy a nice business suit for next week’s presentation.  You ask the saleslady to show you a navy blue skirt suit (because you know what you want).

If she’s smart (or if she’s listening to you) she will show you one navy blue suit, perhaps from the Larry Levine collection.  Chances are, if it fits and you like it, you will buy it.  If she’s not so smart, she’ll show a variety of suits, different colors, some with skirt and some with pants!  Chances are you’ll leave without buying any!

What happened?  You wanted one thing, and she gave you too many options!  Now you have too much to think about and too little time.  You might also be confused, wondering if you’d look better in a pant suit rather than a skirt suit!  “Oh forget about it,” you say, “I’ll just wear the grey suit I have at home!”

Too much information communicates nothing, and is often counter productive.  Make it easy for your clients to get what they want from you.  Don’t complicate their lives with endless choices so that they walk away thinking, ‘Decisions, decisions!’

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