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Is Social Media Marketing a Hoax?

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about social media networking for businesses, and why it’s important to ‘hang out’ where everyone else is hanging out. But is there a point in all the ‘tweets’ and the ‘following fans’? How do these time-consuming activities affect your bottom line?

Take a listen to my virtual mentor, Seth Godin as he talks about the misconception of Social Media Networking:

We hear this over and over again in marketing, but it doesn’t always register.  What you want to take away from this, is that the emphasis is on relationship-building, not on the score-card.

A couple of weeks ago I was at an SBA networking event and there was a gentleman there who just walked up to people shoving business cards in their hands! I’ll bet he’s wondering why no-one has called him!

So the next time you’re on Twitter, take genuine interest in your followers and ‘get into their world’.  You never know when you might need a sleep-over in New-Zealand!

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