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International Freelancers Day: Biggest Free Event for Solo Professionals

Are you a solo professional? If so, then you understand too well the burden of running a business on your own. But behind every cloud there’s a wonderful silver lining!

Tomorrow is International Freelancers Day! Freelancers all over the world will gather together – in the comfort of their own home-offices – at the biggest ever free online event created specifically for solo professionals!

This is a completely free online conference, featuring 25 renowned and successful freelance business owners who will educate and inspire you to take your business from a one-(wo)man show to a remarkable level! All from the comfort of your own home.

Take a minute and a half to watch this awesome video:

While the event is entirely free you must register immediately to attend. Today (September 23rd) is the last day to do that! So take a quick moment to register here and reserve your seat for tomorrow!

It’s a new day in our economy. It’s a freelance economy!  Let’s find out how to make sure we’re going in the right direction.

To your freelance success!

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