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International Freelancers Day: 7 Inspiring Lessons I Learned

International Freelancers Day

This past weekend, I attended the International Freelancers Day Online Conference! I can’t say I have ever seen anything quite like it!

Featuring 25 influential speakers, the free conference brought together over 1700 freelancers from all over the world! There is no way to summarize the plethora of wisdom that was so freely shared.

However, what I would love to share with you are the key nuggets that inspired me and renewed my energy for the freelance lifestyle:

  • Have patience (David Garland, – Anything that’s worth the effort takes time – your brand, your blog and your business. Don’t give up too quickly. Work relentlessly but give yourself time to try new things, make mistakes, learn from them, and become better!
  • Serving is the new selling (Ann Handley,  MarketingProfs) – Go out of your way for people by freely sharing your knowledge, skills and resources without expecting anything in return. They won’t forget. A time will come when they will reciprocate – and you never know how!
  • Become an indispensable resource to others (Ed Gandia, The Wealthy Freelancer) – If your client needs you to perform a specific task, go above and beyond and do something extra and unexpected for them. It’s an investment. You will quickly become their ‘go-to’ resource because you make life easier for them. What’s more, they will happily refer you to their friends and your good reputation will grow!
  • Do something unexpected/different (Ann Handley) – Try something different to promote your brand! It might mean getting out of your comfort zone and doing something totally brand new (such as WebTV – at least for me). That ‘different’ thing that you  try might be the best thing that ever happened to your brand!
  • Be committed, be consistent (Ann Handley) – As time passes, what was once fresh and exciting becomes a chore. That’s when it is critical to show up, every day, every time, without fail. If you blog, blog consistently and your audience will see that you’re reliable and trustworthy. Your readership,  subscriptions and eventually your paying clients will increase, simply because of your perseverance!
  • Say “Thank You” (Jason Womack, – It really is as simple as it sounds. A hand-written thank you card is a lost art. And what it does, is that it tells someone, “I am thinking about you, and I appreciate you.” This simple act of gratitude will refresh your relationships with others and eventually lead to loyal, happy customers!
  • Know Your Vision (Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert) – Know where you’re going with your brand, blog or business. Is your blog a vehicle to make money, raise brand awareness or establish thought leadership in your niche? Is your business targeting a local market or a national/international market? Knowing the answers to these questions will determine how you promote yourself and the kind of connections that you make.

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of sessions and will have to wait for their re-runs. Did you attend the conference? What were some of the most profound lessons that you learned?

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