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How to write a stunning sales letter

sales letter

Have you ever crafted such a stunning sales letter, that your prospects’ response was overwhelming?  If you have, well done!  Because most sales letters end up in the filing cabinet!

Every businessperson will be required to write a compelling sales letter at some point in their career.  You will need to know:

  • How to win over your prospect with the words that you use
  • How to appeal to their decision-making motivations
  • How to keep them interested enough to pick up the phone and call you.

The way to do this is to apply the basics:

  • Grab their attention with a fascinating opening!  Use action verbs and strong adjectives that paint word pictures and tell an intriguing story.  However, be sure to stay relevant and focused.
  • Build up their interest by providing information that your prospects will relate to.  This might be achieved by explaining a product feature that is interesting to them.
  • Stimulate their desire for the product by appealing to your prospects’ need for prestige, comfort, status, money etc.  It’s not enough to explain the features of a product.  Your prospect might ask “So what?” or “Why do I care?”  You want to pre-empt that question by translating the feature into a benefit.  For example,  a lawn-mower feature could be the bagging system; but the benefit of that feature is that it permanently eliminates the need to rake and bag grass clippings after mowing!  That appeals to the comfort need of your prospect.
  • Give your prospect a simple, urgent call to action.  This might be as easy as, “Call today for your 15-day free trial,” or “Visit our website at for more information.”

These four guidelines are absolutely essential to the success of your sales letter.  Beyond that, feel free to alter the style of your writing to suit your corporate culture.  A quick word of caution.  Avoid the use of humor in crafting this kind of document.  A sales letter requires serious consideration and decisiveness to transform a prospect into a client.

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