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How to Write a Great Healthcare Blog Post in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you a healthcare blogger struggling to write valuable blog posts on a time crunch?

Don’t let anyone tell you that producing great blog content is a walk in the park – not even for mainstream ‘A-list bloggers’. But for healthcare bloggers, producing accurate and valuable blog posts requires an even greater time investment due to industry restrictions (HIPAA), privacy laws and the need for more thorough research.

So if you don’t have much time to blog here are a few tips for producing a great blog post in 30 minutes or less.

sand clock

Producing valuable and accurate healthcare content takes time. Image Source: Alexander Boden, under Creative Commons License


Use Your Doctor

The best way to obtain great content with minimum time investment is to interview a physician or other healthcare subject matter expert at your hospital or practice. Start by requesting a 10-minute interview on a specific topic (i.e. a topic in which the doctor is an expert) that your hospital or practice wants to be known for e.g. heart health, orthopedics, children’s allergies etc.

Assuming that you have cultivated a good relationship with the doctor or expert, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a short interview particularly if you plan for it way in advance. Also keep in mind that doctors have egos too, and are usually more than happy to talk about their subjects of expertise.

Capture on video

Once you have secured an interview, prepare to record it on video. You don’t need expensive or professional equipment to do this. An iPad, flip-camera or even a smart phone are more than enough to capture ‘good enough’ footage of your interview.

For our purposes video is the best format to capture the initial interview because you can later transform it into many other formats. Remember to keep the Q&A very brief (this way you’re more likely to get more interview opportunities in the future). I suggest that you ask only one key question and then let the expert talk as long as she wants about the topic (they usually do!).

Produce Many Formats

Now that you have some raw video footage there’s a lot that you can do with that.

  • Quickly edit it (5 minutes) and post on YouTube and the corporate blog (remember that video is not searchable unless you include some key-word rich text that describes what the video content is all about)
  • Extract the audio and publish as a podcast on your blog, iTunes or any other platform (again key-word rich descriptions apply here as well)
  • Extract images to post on Facebook and Google+
  • Obtain ‘tweetable talking points’ using 140-characters or less
  • If you’re super-creative develop an infographic to illustrate the main ideas that the doctor discussed in the interview.
  • And of course you can also transcribe the interview and post as a Q&A article (or series of articles) on your blog.

Key Takeaway

As a healthcare blogger one of your goals is to provide accurate and helpful healthcare information. This takes time and research. But you can use the experts around you who already have this information at their fingertips. This will help you to save a lot of time without compromising on the quality of your content. One more thing! Just make sure that the doctor or expert reviews the final version before you hit ‘publish’.

Over to you: What are your strategies for producing a quick but valuable healthcare blog content?

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Yvonne Barber is the Wordsmith & Content Marketeer for Design Theory, a Florida-based web design firm that provides social media management, email, domain registration, and graphic design services. Aside from writing content for client websites, brochures, and all marketing communications Yvonne blogs weekly for Design Theory on various subjects and across several social media channels.


  1. Thank you for validating what appears to be good instincts on my part! I used to be an accountant, and now write, but am surprisingly unfocused on the numbers. (I’m having too much fun with words now, I guess.)

    I appreciate the inspiration-boost, and enjoyed your piece immensely.

    • predsicker says:

      Thanks for reading Gaurav! Glad you enjoyed the article (Btw, I too used to be an accountant before I became a writer 😉


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