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How to Seduce and Secure Your Clients

Gifts are seductive. Especially when there are no strings attached.

Think of the time you lined up behind a hundred people on the first day of spring to pick up your free Italian ice at Rita’s.   People will do anything for a free offer if it’s worth their while. Every so often it is important to give your base  something exciting to break up the monotony of  ‘business-as-usual’.

But be careful!  ‘Free’ doesn’t work if it is not useful. Customers want value and it is important to give them something that has meaning, something that will keep them coming back. Customers also want exclusivity. Whatever you’re offering should not be available anywhere else.

“Consumer boredom is the biggest enemy of any promotional campaign; and an intermittent ‘free offer’ breathes new life to old or ongoing products/services campaigns”The Power of Freebies in Marketing

If you’re not already offering freebies, take some time this summer to brainstorm some ideas that could breathe new life into your business. To start you off, think of offerings that cater to your customers’ ego i.e reputation, comfort, financial success, physical attractiveness etc. There is something that only you can offer your customers, that will keep them pounding at your door!  Figure out what that is.


  1. I think my favorite and most thought-provoking point is to “be careful.” There’s something to consumer boredom even with free stuff. Someone at work mentioned to me the other day that people will do anything for something free, but I don’t think that’s the case. There’s still a perceived cost to getting free stuff, so make sure your free stuff is worth it.


    • Absolutely Brett I couldn’t have said it better!

      I think our challenge as professional service providers is to figure out what to offer that has a perceived value, but not offered so often as to create boredom (as with Rita’s example). What I find to be true (even with me) is that we tend to over-think this concept so much, that we become paralyzed with the fear that people will reject it, it won’t work, etc. The key is to experiment with different ideas until you find something that works for you. And it might take some time, but practice makes perfect. It’s very good to see you here Brett. Thanks for stopping by.

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