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How To Meet an Influencer (Lesson from the Bible)

how to meet an influencer

There’s a story in the Bible about a man called Zacchaeus. He hears that Jesus is coming to town and he’s totally excited that he might have an opportunity to see Him.

But Zacchaeus is worried about something. You see, Jesus is somewhat of a celebrity, and a huge crowd has already started to gather in anticipation of His visit. Unfortunately, Zacchaeus is a short, little man and his stature makes it tough for him to push and shove through the crowd. In short (no pun intended) he’s too small to get noticed (I can relate to that).

So here’s what he does: He climbs up a nearby tree just as Jesus is walking down the path. Jesus stops and takes notice of this little guy who has gone out of his way to do something remarkable to get His attention. He is so impressed with Zaccheaus’ enthusiasm and boldness, that He calls out to him and invites him to dinner!

Tamara Weinberg author of ‘The New Community Rules’, interviewed several influencers and asked them what it takes to get their attention. Here’s what they said:

  • Just contact them directly and ask for what you need (keep it short and simple);
  • But before you do that, get to know them first, and interact with them without asking for favors;
  • Be relevant – find out what interests them and talk about that (of course it should be interesting to you too otherwise why bother?);
  • Show excitement and enthusiasm about your work and about them;
  • Be consistent in producing your own quality content – sometimes being consistent is as important as being remarkable;
  • Be helpful – ask them what you can do for them to promote their brand;
  • Be forthright and personal – don’t be afraid to show your personality even if it demonstrates a different perspective;
  • Finally, there are some influencers who don’t talk to strangers. Get an introduction through someone that they know and trust.

Influencers are not jerks waiting to dismiss you as soon as you approach. They’re regular folks who have worked very hard to get where they are.

So be sure to approach them respectfully, keeping in mind that they don’t have much time on their hands. But don’t be afraid to climb up your unique tree to get noticed. Who knows, you may end up on a dinner date with Brian Solis!

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