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How to Fix the Employer Link on Your Personal Facebook Profile

According to Facebook expert Mari Smith, the number one mistake found on Facebook profiles is an ‘Employer link’ that goes to a useless community page instead of an actual business fan page.

Back when we had old profiles Facebook decided to create community pages to match the Employer Name mentioned in a profile. This automatic hyper-link did not create the intended results. Instead it caused a lot of confusion when people couldn’t find the real business page they were looking for on a user’s profile.

Unfortunately many people are still unaware that this problem affects them. If you have your own business it is especially important to find out if it does and fix it so that your friends can find your business page and ‘Like’ it.

Just go over to your personal profile right away and with your cursor, hover over your employer field. If it does NOT show your actual business fan page (see above image), then here’s what you need to do:

  • On your personal profile click on ‘Edit Profile’ and go to the Education and Work section.
  • Start typing the name of your fanpage on the Employer field.
  • Your fan page should show up on the drop-down menu. If so go ahead and click on it. If not, go here for a ‘techie’ tutorial.
  • Then go ahead and fill in the additional information (Title, time period you have worked there, town and so on). This information is optional so feel free to leave out what you don’t wish to share.
  • That’s it – you’re done!

Be sure to go back to your personal profile to check that the new link works as it should. Remember that is an important ‘fix’ because it helps to promote your business fan page. Don’t miss the opportunity to do so.

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