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Challenges of Marketing Communications Professionals and How to Fix Them (part 1 of 3)

branding or messaging


The availability and wide use of technology in Marketing Communications has opened up amazing global opportunities for freelancers, small and large businesses alike.

Unfortunately, there are specific challenges that come with the territory. Here is the #1 challenge that Marketing Communications professionals face:

Branding/ Messaging:

The objective of branding is to send a clear message that you’re the only one with a solution to a specific problem or need. Branding challenges arise when that message is not communicated clearly and prospects go somewhere else for their solution.

Here are some tips to eliminate this problem:

  • Research, brainstorm, create, develop and maintain your online presence. Without a strong online presence, you cannot seriously communicate your brand to prospects.
  • Go back to your mission, values and long-term goals and then craft a compelling message to promote your brand and long-term positioning.
  • Don’t allow old rules to define you: produce and publish great free content that people need and find useful. Your reputation will flourish and your brand will soar!
  • Be generous with your time: Ann Handley of MarketingProfs says that ‘Serving Is The New Selling’. Giving away your time/resources to help people in need of your skills is one of the best ways to quickly gain affinity with your audience. Think ‘volunteer’!
  • Hire a consultant if needed – If you’re really short on ideas/resources hire a consultant to help you clarify your message and promote your brand. It really is an investment.

The next article will focus on the #2 marketing communications challenge! Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, what are some methods that you have successfully employed to enhance your branding strategy?

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