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How To Build Your Facebook Community, One Fan At a Time.

If you have a facebook brand page (fan page), then you probably have some kind of strategy in place to build your community and engage your members through interesting and compelling content.

There is another interesting way to get your fans more involved with your brand and give them a sense of belonging and ownership within your community.

Try to initiate contact with one or two of your fans each week and start a completely unique conversation centered around them.

If you don’t know much about them, you may invite them to introduce themselves on your page and ask them to share their experiences with other members of your community.

If you do know something about them, you may give them a shout out and a mention, and allow them to use your page as a platform to share something resourceful with other members of your page.

This strategy demonstrates to your fans that you are interested in them as individuals, not just as numbers on your dashboard. Fans that are individually invited to take center-stage and contribute to a conversation feel special and are more likely to become your brand evangelists.

Your turn to share your thoughts. Is this a strategy that you would employ in order to build your Facebook Community?

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