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How to Avoid A Social Media Crisis [Infographic]

Social media crises are on the rise.

Ever since United Airlines broke Dave Carroll’s guitar in July 2009, thousands of companies whose negative actions were amplified by social media have paid the price in terms of public humiliation, loss of good reputation and in some cases financial loss.

According to Jeremiah Owyang’s, Social Business Readiness Report  (August 2011) 76% of these crises could have been avoided or diminished if only companies made some internal investment in social media planning and preparedness.

To learn from where others have failed, he suggests that companies should follow the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs. This infographic captures the most salient points of his case. Download the full report by clicking on this link.


Avoid a social media crisis by climbing the social business hierarchy of needs

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Over to you: What is your organization doing to prepare and plan for a potential social media crisis?


  1. Marie-Louise Wagner-van Rhijn says:

    Thanks for this infographic, Patricia. I was doing some research for a presentation I will be holding in a few weeks, about the advantages and risks of Social Media, and I will be referring to your infograph to support my case that if you have a plan in place, even a crisis can turn out to be a good thing.

    • predsicker says:

      Good stuff Marie – so glad you found this content useful. Please share away and all the best with your presentation!!


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