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How Providers & Patients Use Social Media [Infographic]

Social media helps bring people together. When it supports conversations that enhance doctor-patient relationships, that’s worth writing home about.

This week an infographic associated with a survey by Master of Health Administration degrees caught my attention. It illustrates the intersection between healthcare and social media, even the extent to which consumers trust doctors who share information via social media.

As expected, most healthcare-related conversations are about a worthy cause, or shared experiences. The infographic also indicates that 16% of conversations are reviews about doctors, treatments and medications, something I talked about in a previous post.

It’s very interesting to see a state-by-state breakdown, showing how hospitals and other healthcare brands use major social media platforms. For example Facebook marketing is used sparingly in the South except in Texas and Florida. New York, California, Florida and Texas represent the highest social media adaption rates among U.S. healthcare brands.

Of the top 5 healthcare centers that do social media right, I was surprised not to see Cleveland Clinic, which has almost 80,000 more Facebook fans than Mayo Clinic, and a ‘content hub‘ that was launched in March 2012, and one month later drew 16,000 visits without promotion.

Here are some more interesting statistics about healthcare and social media:

Healthcare and Social Media
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