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Fearless Headlines: How Cosmopolitan Can Grow Your Blog

cosmopolitan headlines and your blog

Made you look!  It was an experiment but it worked.

There’s a good reason I used this picture.  It shows a headline that’s catchy and makes you want to read more (that is, if you’re a woman).

That’s Cosmopolitan!

While I’m no fan myself, I do know this:  that ‘Cosmo is the magazine of choice for millions of fun, fearless females across the world’!  In other words, it sells like a tall, icy drink on a hot summer day!

I looked through a couple of online issues and was quite taken-aback at the brazen headlines and titles they use over there!  They certainly are a group of fearless females – too much for me I confess!

That said, here’s my observation.  Those carefully crafted jaw-dropping headlines serve their purpose fully and flawlessly.  Their purpose is to make you look.  And you do!

Now that may seem elementary to the veteran marketing communications writer.  But you know what?  We all get email newsletters and articles that promptly end up unread, in the trash because their titles read like an obituary!

So if you’re taking notes, here’s the take-away message:  You can actually use a trendy and popular magazine to spice up your blog titles and email newsletters!  Just review some head-turning headlines and then change them up a bit to suit your content.

For example:

  • “What Makes Men Fall in Love” can be turned into “What Makes Search Engines Fall in Love”
  • “Sexy Lingerie for Your Shape” can be turned into “Sexy apps for Your Blog”
  • “How to Ask a Guy Out” can be transformed into “How to Ask Darren Rowse to Guest-Post Your Blog” (for those of you who don’t know him, he’s the guy behind ‘Problogger’).
  • “He Cheated On You With What?”…umm…well I don’t know, but that’s probably what Princess Diana’s friends asked her!

That, my friend is the way to do it!  Your thoughts?

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