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Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? How To Make It Easy and Fabulous

Guest post by Margo Smith

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I know that a lot of my female readers will be cooking up a storm starting today! But if you get a moment to take a breather and read this post, you will find some excellent tips from Margo.

thanksgiving dinner Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? How To Make It Easy and Fabulous

Make tomorrow less hectic by prepping in advance as much as possible:

  • Prepare and refrigerate your pies today;
  • Prepare the homemade cranberry relish today as well;
  • Rolls are a special Thanksgiving treat – if you didn’t get a chance to prepare them in advance, just stop by your bakery later on this afternoon and warm them up tomorrow.

No matter how well you plan, Thanksgiving Dinner is a challenging meal to pull off.  You’ll probably have some hungry little mouths that can’t wait to eat:

  • Be sure to have some healthy nibbles around for them to stave off their hunger if the turkey takes longer than expected.
  • Think dried fruits, pre-assembled relish tray items, fresh fruit or fruit kebabs. Some of these items will also give you extra mileage when used to supplement your post-Thanksgiving leftover meal plan.

Use your slow cooker to prepare or to keep some dishes warm:

Side dishes or warm dips prepared in your crock pot will remain conveniently warm and give you one less thing to worry about.

  • Instead of fancy stuffing recipes, try simple, good old-fashioned cornbread and sausage stuffing – this can also be prepared in your slow cooker and served as a side dish rather than stuffing it in the bird.

Take it easy on your wallet and make your own centerpieces:

  • You may use pomegranates, cranberries, walnuts in the shell, chestnuts, pine cones, leaves, acorn squash or mini pumpkins to adorn your table and infuse your home with the warm, cozy atmosphere of Autumn bounty.

Don’t be too self-sacrificing either:

  • Ask friends or family to bring a side dish to share.
  • If some family members are traveling a long distance, they can bring store-bought items such as rolls, beverages, green salad fixings or pies.
  • Consider emailing these assignments or allowing family members to choose from a list of things that they can do to help make the day a success.

Having a plan is more than half the battle for staying organized and in control.

Think through other things that need to be done before tomorrow.

  • Does your table linen need to be washed or ironed?
  • Do you haul out the family silver for this occasion and does it need to be polished?
  • Do you have enough serving dishes, silverware and seating space for your guests?
  • If not, arrange to borrow any items you do not have and if possible, consider disposable items for serving dishes as they will make clean-up so much easier for you.

The idea is to make sure that you enjoy this day as well. Have your strategy in place, choose no fuss decorations, prep all the food that you can in advance and accept any and all help family members are willing to give.

Make this year’s Thanksgiving banquet one to remember fondly.

What other tips might you share to make it a stress-free Thanksgiving Day tomorrow?


Margo Smith graduated with a B.S. degree from BYU. Working through college and in the corporate world gave her the opportunity to opine about diverse subjects from custom framing , online schools and entertaining.

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