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Healthcare Blogging: How to Build Strong Content Foundations

Healthcare marketers aren’t the only ones struggling to create compelling content.

A lot of corporate content is centered around stuff that no-one reads such as press releases and product pitches. That’s not the kind of content prospects want.

Healthcare blogging needs content that entices prospects to subscribe to your email channel because email is where permission-based selling takes place. This is called content to content conversion (more on that later).

But how do you create enticing content in the first place?

Persuasive content starts with building strong content foundations

Persuasive content starts with building strong content foundations


Build strong foundations

My kids love the Katie Woo book series by Fran Manushkin. Katie is a spunky, sassy, stylish school-girl that young readers fall in love with. Her stories are perfect for explaining life changes, family celebrations and growing up. Kids love her because she helps them understand life better yet she’s fun and relatable.

The first step in creating content that entices prospects is to understand what makes them tick or what they respond best to. The idea is to create content that is so persuasive that it will move your readers’ hearts and eventually their wallets. This is the foundation for successful content marketing and it requires three building blocks.

i) Buyer persona(s)

Buyer personas help you to know that you’re engaging with the right prospects i.e. those who are most likely to buy from you. Yet according to a Frost & Sullivan Research Report only 46% of marketers had developed buyer personas by 2010.

By creating buyer personas you’re able to have a crystal-clear understanding of your ideal customer in order to initiate relevant conversations that inform, educate and gradually build their trust in you. Here’s a guide to creating patient personas i.e. buyer personas for healthcare content marketing.

ii) Editorial calendar

Without an editorial calendar your content can be arbitrary and off the mark. With it you can create content that is always consistent, valuable, and relevant to your audience. An editorial calendar helps you to:

  • plan ahead
  • provide key-word focus
  • establish clear call to action (CTA’s)

Here’s a complementary non-gated guide to creating an editorial calendar for content marketing.

iii) Content mapping

Developing buyer personas and creating an editorial calendar is just a part of the larger content mapping process.

You also need to understand and identify the type of content that will appeal to your specific audience (buyer persona) based on their unique needs throughout the various stages of the buying cycle.

You should always ask yourself what their needs are at each stage and what kind of content they require to address those needs. Too much too soon will scare them off and too little too late will send them to the competition. Here’s how to map content to the different stages of  personas buying cycle.

 Quick Wrap up

If you’re thinking about starting a healthcare blog or you already manage one, make sure that you have these foundational content marketing principles in place before you start publishing. That way there is no danger of creating content that is arbitrary or doesn’t resonate with your prospects.

Your Turn: Have you developed buyer personas and an editorial calendar for your content marketing process? Please share how these have helped you.

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