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Half of Plastic Surgeons Use Social Media New Study Shows

Half of the plastic surgeons responding to a recent survey reported using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with patients.

The finding doesn’t surprise Dr. Louis C. Cutolo, Jr., whose Staten Island cosmetic surgery practice serves Brooklyn and other areas of New York City.

“Most plastic surgeons I know,” says Dr. Cutolo, “embrace social media tools as a way to educate people interested in plastic surgery.”


Image Credit: Photobucket

I don’t know how this ‘happy union’ between plastic surgeons and social media came about. What I do know is that for a lot of women in America, plastic surgery is a serious trend – one that is fueled by a “need” for sleeveless fashions and bikini bodies, especially during the warm summer months. But vanity aside, women are also powerful and influential social media users and plastic surgeons seem to understand both these trends better than any other group of physicians.

That’s why surgeons like Dr. Cutolo invest their time interacting with potential patients on Facebook and Twitter, educating them about different types of cosmetic surgeries that could interest them.

Patients are not just looking for formal information about plastic surgery procedures, they also want to discuss the topic in a more casual atmosphere, asking questions, sharing experiences with their peers, and getting a feel for the different options out there.

Investing time on social media is not wasted time. In fact Dr. Cutolo’s Facebook page is often updated with links to stories about the plastic surgery field or tips about subjects such as skin care. For more on how plastic surgeons can use social media read the full article by Dr. Louis Cutolo.


  1. Sarah Miller says:

    It is true that plastic surgeons utilize the social media in order to promote their services. This is because of the rigid competition within the industry. –

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