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Failure Worth Following

“It was only failure if you failed to learn; otherwise, it was experience” (J. Herman)

All failure is not created equal.

There is a type of failure that you must avoid. Like the failure to keep your word, or the failure of being mediocre (Seth Godin talks a lot about this).

There is a type of failure that is beyond your control. Like health failure or the failure of an idea whose time has not yet come (and even then you keep trying).

Then there is failure that is good for you, like last year’s failures which give opportunity for a fresh start today.

And some failure is absolutely necessary…even worth following after.

Like failure that teaches you never to give up. This is tough because the pressure to give up is always, self-imposed. In seasons of failure, self-doubt and self-criticism are the forces of death.

Until you can look at failure straight in the eye and say, “I’m still here, and I’m not going anywhere!” – that’s when failure has been worth the experience.

Failure is not fatal.

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