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Facebook Timeline: How to Tell Your Corporate Story

As you know today (March 30th, 2012) is the day that Facebook Timeline is officially applied to all business pages.

Some brands have been looking forward to this day, and even preparing for it by publishing their Timeline early and experimenting with its different features.

History of the Times on Facebook Timeline

Some brands are already using Facebook Timeline to tell their corporate story

But for other brands, Timeline has not been good news. Those who invested a lot of time and money creating custom landing pages, which have essentially been wiped away by Timeline, are none too thrilled. The thought of re-learning and re-investing in a new profile is discouraging to say the least.

But the fact is, Timeline is here and there’s nothing any of us can do to change that. As Brian Solis says in his new book (The End of Business as Usual), we must “Adapt or Die!”

And so I was very pleased to see this article on Content Marketing Institute that focuses on the positive and shows how brands can use Facebook Timeline for content marketing. The article written by Debbie Williams discusses the benefits and opportunities that Timeline offers particularly in the area of corporate story telling.

For instance Debbie offers many ideas on how you can add a cover photo that not only provides a stunning visual display, but also tells what your company is about. She also shows you how to take advantage of your About section, milestones and even apps.

So if you read only one article today, make sure that you read this one. Because today is the day that Facebook changes (again!). Here it is: “How to tell your brand story through Facebook Timeline.” Enjoy!

Over to you: Does your new Facebook Timeline tell an interesting story about your organization? Please share – we’d love to hear it!

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