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Facebook Interest Lists: How to Take Control of Your News feed

It’s getting harder and harder to see the content you like on your Facebook news feed.

And it’s not just because of the one billion users sharing the platform. Among them are millions of business pages competing for your eyeballs in the form of promoted posts, ads, offers etc.

If you’re using Facebook to market your own business it’s also discouraging to know that only 16% of your fans see your content. How can you compete for visibility under such circumstances?

Mari Smith suggests that you use Interest Lists. This not-so-new tool introduced in March is designed to organize your newsfeed like a “personalized newspaper”. So what it does is to let you take back full control of what you see on your news feed.

girl in the palm of hand

Take back control of your news feed and see only the content you want to see

Image Credit: Giulia Bartra on Flickr

Creating or subscribing to lists of your favorite people and pages adds them to ‘Favorites’ at the top-left corner of your home-page allowing you to browse the content you want on both desktop and mobile.

Here’s more from Mari about using Facebook Interest Lists to take control of your news feed.

Over to you: Have you created or subscribed to any Facebook Interest Lists? What are your initial thoughts about this feature?

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