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Electrify Your Audience: How to Present Like Steve Jobs

One of the best ways to demonstrate your authority as an expert communicator is to get involved in presentations and public speaking. Unfortunately for a lot of people, the thought of any kind of public speaking is as appealing as getting mugged in a New York City subway!

As with most skills, the key is practice. Steve Jobs certainly didn’t get there overnight. Quite likely he started out with a small room of peers and worked his way up to celebrity status.

Today, the CEO of Apple is known as the most electrifying presenter ever known! Take a look and see why…

This video was put together to demonstrate how you too can make your future presentations absolutely outstanding! It will take hard work and lots of practice. But there’s a reward in perseverance because good presentation skills are learned over time.

I say this because sometimes we become discouraged too quickly, before we’ve really given it our best shot. We entertain the notion that this kind of success is for others, but probably not for us. After all, we have all kinds of things working against us.

I love what Brian Solis (author of Engage) says about how to become a thought-leader: “It starts with *being* a thought leader and then connecting the dots back to you”. In other words you actually have to do your first presentation without care or thought about the impressions you make. And then with time, people start to take notice of you.

So let’s recap the 7 techniques to electrify and inspire your audience:

  • Set the theme
  • Provide an outline
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm
  • Sell an experience
  • Make it visual
  • Give ’em a show
  • Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse

And one more thing…don’t forget to give your audience ‘one more thing’ to take away from the entire experience. Do you think you can do this? What are your thoughts?


  1. I definitely think Steve Jobs is a great presenter. However, I think it also helps that he a) has amazing products and services to present about, and b) his audience is made up of people who love to spread the word more than the average audience.

    Missing from the list: the importance of always wearing a black shirt and no belt …


    • Hey Brett:

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes Steve Jobs has an easy job :0) – he has a great product and he has created product evangelists! The video is encouraging because the techniques he uses are pretty simple (apart from the sophisticated visual enhancements).
      Still it’s upon us not to re-invent the wheel but to simply do what the master presenter is doing. But I’m not sure how I’d look in a black shirt with no belt :0)


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