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Debunking 3 Information Product Creation Myths

debunking 3 information production creation myths

For entrepreneurs who have entertained the idea of creating an information product but then shied away for one reason or another, I’m here to tell you that your time has come!

Your competition is already there, and they’re making a decent amount of money in the process. You can too!

But before you jump in, let me just throw some light on 3 myths surrounding the creation of information products:

  • Years of experience are required. Yes, you need to know something about a process or product before you can create and sell information about it. But lengthy experience is over-rated. It may very well be, that after one year in business, you have learnt something extremely valuable that other people may not be aware of. It could be a method or process that you apply to achieve maximum productivity. Or it might be a simple trick that works for you when trying to negotiate prices with your clients. Why not put that information into an e-book or a tutorial, and sell it on Amazon for $19? For sure, if there’s a hunger out there for such information, then don’t wait for the grey hairs to start showing. Do it now!
  • You must be a subject-matter authority before you can create a product! I couldn’t disagree more! It’s the product that establishes your authority and not the other way round. In 2003 before Mike Stelzner – (white paper guru and author of ‘Writing White Papers: How To Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged’) – had ever written an industry white paper, he wrote an introductory paper titled ‘How to Write  A White Paper: A White Paper On White Papers‘. By 2005 over 27,000 people had requested a copy and major universities such as Johns Hopkins and MIT used the paper in their graduate programs! And that’s how Mike Stelzner became an authority on white papers! So by creating your own product about a particular subject, you will subsequently become the authority on that subject. Isn’t that fun?
  • Passion is not enough! It is absolutely enough to create a product! Look at Martha Stewart! But we’re talking about simple products not multi-million dollar ventures! Too often you’ll come across nay-sayers whose single purpose in life is to throw cold water on other people’s passions. If horse-riding is your passion and you know more about it than most people, could you not put together a product or video tutorial on “How to Ride Like a Jockey” ? The only thing you need to establish before-hand is that there is a hunger for that kind of information out there. Otherwise it will be a waste of your time and energy.

And that’s it! So give it some thought. Creating an information product is one of the simplest things to do these days if you have the right subject and an audience for it.

What kind of information products are hidden in the depths of your imagination?

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