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Cultivate a Big Content Mindset – Get a Bigger Frying Pan

The story is told of a man who went out fishing. One day a friend stopped by and observed that the man who was fishing was catching a lot of fish.

But the strange thing was that he would only keep the smaller fish and throw the larger fish back into the water.

Confused by his approach, the friend asked the fisherman, “Why do you throw the big fish back into the water?”

And the fisherman replied, “Because I only have an 8-inch frying pan.”

how big is your frying pan?

How big is your content 'frying pan'?


How big is your content marketing mindset (frying pan)? A big content mindset means always being on the look out for content possibilities. It means preparing for and expecting content ideas to happen in the ordinary course of the day.

How to prepare for a big content mindset

  • Keep a notebook or a voice recorder – every time you have a great idea for a list post, a how-to article or a short video, you can record the idea immediately and brainstorm it later.
  • Carry your camera or iPhone at all times – how many times have you been at an event, and something cool happened and you wished you had your camera to record it. You never know when a share-worthy moment might happen. So be prepared to capture cool things as they happen so that you can turn them into useful content later on.
  • Motivate and engage executives to get involved in the content creation process. Earlier this week I had a conversation with a prospect who asked me this question, “How can I get our CEO involved in all of this…I have a feeling we should be getting him involved.” (speaking of their social media content strategy). If your boss is involved in the content process, he’ll be less likely to reject it. Ask him if he would be interested in creating a 5-minute video during the next golf outing, product launch or Holiday party.
  • Talk to your team – look for anyone and everyone in your team who is able to provide insights and inspiration for new content ideas. Make it fun and rewarding for them so that their levels of creativity are enhanced.

Key Takeaway

Remember, a big content mindset starts with the front-line activities i.e. the little, routine things that tend to go un-noticed but present huge content possibilities. Like the fisherman, it is easy to throw away big content opportunities simply because we’re not prepared to capture them!

Over to you: Do you have a big content mindset? What kind of front-line activities are you involved in right now?




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