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Creating Personable Content

“Consuming web content is a personal activity that we participate in as individuals. And this is why social media conversations would be best viewed as essentially being one to one.” ~ John Haydon on ‘Creating content that feels direct and personal’

As a content marketer you have probably experienced the power of story-telling in connecting with readers, consumers and buyers.

But what kind of stories should you be telling?

Well, on a personal blog you can ‘bare your soul’ and talk about your own life experiences but on a  business blog you should be sharing valuable (industry) information that helps to solve your customers’ problems.

Whatever type of story you’re telling it’s important to realize that your blog is read one person at a time. As John Haydon points out, people don’t gather together around a computer to read an article collectively. Rather each person, sitting at his or her own computer, reads your article in what is for them, a personal experience.

Why is this important?

Because understanding how content is consumed helps you to make it more personable to the reader on the other end.

When you realize that content consumption is a personal experience, you’re able to:

  • speak to that person directly (using second person not third person)
  • incorporate experiences that your reader can relate to (even in a business scenario)
  • speak of your products in terms of how they help your reader to solve his problems (thus taking the focus off the product and placing it on your reader)
  • speak of your brand as a platform that improves people’s lives and eases their burdens (as opposed to how much better it is than the competition)
  • Use a human, conversational tone that your reader can connect with and therefore keep him coming back

Keep in mind that on a personal blog, it’s much easier to connect with people and draw them to yourself.

The key to a successful business blog is being able to do the same. However, the challenge is to write about things that people want to hear about without losing sight of your key brand message.

Over to you

What are your thoughts? What tips can you share about creating personable content on a business blog?

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