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Content Intelligence – The Smart Way to Stay Competitive

“As more businesses move towards creating integrated solutions that bring both content and expertise to their customers, content supremacy emerges as a key source of new revenue and thus stands as an important competitive differentiator.” ~ Jens Tellefsen,

What is intelligent content?

Data created by content marketing and social media practitioners can be overwhelming. But it can also be a goldmine of information.

As organizations sieze the opportunity to create differentiating content in their blogs, newsletters, case studies, white papers, research reports and so on, there is also a growing need to combine that content with valuable insights that provide relevance and tangible meaning to users.

The question,“How will our users (customers, employees, business partners, stakeholders, and vendors) benefit from the information that we create?” needs to be answered.

How intelligent content is developed

Take for example, a private college that wishes to recruit the best candidates into its program.

The college would need to not only provide a wide array of compelling content (e.g. a strong value proposition, positive student testimonials, list of prestigious alumni, etc.), it would also need to create a portal on its website that facilitates direct interaction (via chat, social media and so on) between prospective students and college administrators.

In order to remain competitive, organizations must therefore analyze, organize, structure and even transform their proprietary content in such a way as to unlock its hidden value, which I believe is defined by:

  • an increasing brand awareness
  • a positive brand sentiment
  • amplified online presence
  • attraction of new customers
  • retention of existing customers
  • increasing revenues.

As time goes by, it will no longer be necessary to assert that ‘content is king’. That was yesterday. Going forward the goal for each individual organization will be to achieve content supremacy within its industry – to become the ‘content king’.

Over to you: Is your organization creating intelligent content? Please share in the comment box below some of the processes involved.


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