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Content Creation: Who Inspires Your Blog?

The blogoshpere can be a confusing space.

On the one hand it’s fantastic to experience the sense of community and camaradarie that comes with reading, engaging and sharing one another’s content.

It creates (amongst bloggers) a synergy that inspires and challenges us to become better, more informed content writers.

However there is a huge temptation to draw our inspiration from the wrong place. Sometimes we look to other bloggers – usually the more experienced or influential ones – to direct the tone of our blog.

This is a completely misleading approach.

Role of Other Bloggers

True –  other bloggers have an important role to play in the evolution of your blog. By sharing their knowledge with you, they teach you the technical skills that you need to have your own successful blog. They might also lend some ideas that can help you create your own content. But that’s it.

Inspiration must never come from other content creators no matter how successful or experienced they are.

Their voice, style, tone, personality and opinion are their own unique identity and entirely different from yours.

Keep in mind too that they’re writing for a different crowd. And you have to write for your own crowd.

Your Audience  as a Source of Inspiration

Your audience is your true north.

They’re the ones who subscribe to and faithfully read your articles. They do that because there’s something about your delivery that they love. Perhaps it’s your simple, instructional, and easy-to-follow style. Or your humorous approach to serious issues.

Don’t try to change your style to appear more sophisticated or to write like someone else. You run the risk of isolating your readers. It’s like that old song by Billy Joel, “I love you just the way you are.” Remember that.

So it goes without saying that your audience, your customers and your community are the most reliable source of inspiration for your blog. They are your true north.

Not Seth Godin, not Jay Baer, and no…not even Ann Handley.

Now go find some inspiration from the comments section of your blog.


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