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Celebrating the Silver Lining in Healthcare Content Marketing

When it comes to creating content on the social web, hospitals find themselves in prickly territory. For starters healthcare has long been under attack from every perceivable direction – budgets, HIPAA, compliance, over-regulation and an uncertain future.

Yet despite all this there is a silver lining, or should I say “silver people”? And that’s a reason to celebrate.

Fourth of July fireworks

Even in an aching industry there are great stories being told and that is reason enough for celebration

Image credit: Shashi Bellamkonda

Silver people (personal glossary) are passionate about telling the stories that need to be told, and dedicated to re-writing the narrative of an aching industry. This awesome story is one such example.

They understand that social content gives them an upper hand in engagement and conversation. They know that sharing compelling stories causes their brands to stand out and keep them top of mind with stake holders. Silver people come disguised as administrators, doctors, nurses, and even patients but what they have in common is the commitment to tell their stories RIGHT NOW! not when the industry heals itself.

If you’re in the category of ‘content creators within hospital environments’, give yourself a big pat on the back! You deserve it. Your industry appreciates you.

Know that the incredible insights you share have a tremendous potential to impact others and influence them in a positive way. Don’t stop, keep going. Be excellent. And always think about what you want your audience to take away.

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