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The Key to Success with Sponsored Content

The use of sponsored content (also known as native advertising**) is on the rise, though not many brands understand exactly what it is, how it works, or who is currently using it. Sponsored content is content (e.g. blog posts, articles, Facebook posts, videos, tweets and Infographics) written (or co-written) by a brand (say SAP) and published on a publisher’s domain (say for the purpose of acquiring new audiences. Sponsored content is interesting, engaging, quality content NOT a marketing message. It should add value to the user’s experience (i.e. entertain, educate, enhance communication etc.), and always, always line up with the reader’s expectations on the publisher’s site. It should also be labeled clearly as originating from the brand or sponsor and not the editorial team of the publisher. Here’s a great example … [Read more...]

How the Media Covers Digital Health Topics

The digital health revolution is empowering people to better track, manage, and improve their health. And the tools are there – smartphones, wireless devices, desktop apps, patient portals, and many more – all able to monitor, analyze, and report health data on an ongoing basis. But where do people go to discover what tools and technologies are available to help them manage their health? Well the Internet is a leading source of information. Pew Research indicates that 85% of U.S. adults use the Internet, and 72% of those get their health information online. But do people look for information about digital health on traditional news media outlets like CNN, Foxnews or NBC news? And if they do, what kind of information do they find once they get there? In fact while we’re on the subject, how much of the digital health … [Read more...]

Why Do You Blog? 4 Motives for Posting a Blog

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? Perhaps this is the year that you will start a blog, or get published? For many writers there are big, audacious goals in the air for 2013. But what drives bloggers to blog? Why do you blog? Is it sheer egoism as George Orwell suggests in his not-so-famous short-form essay, 'Why I write' (public library) or are there other reasons for writing and posting a blog? In this article I examine 4 possible motives for blogging. Where do you see yourself? #1. To influence These days there are blogs for every industry and category. And in some ways, bloggers in these niches have become more influential than the media. Think about it - because audiences are segmented by special interests, culture and life circumstances bloggers are able to target and influence specific groups by giving … [Read more...]

How to Write a Great Healthcare Blog Post in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you a healthcare blogger struggling to write valuable blog posts on a time crunch? Don't let anyone tell you that producing great blog content is a walk in the park - not even for mainstream 'A-list bloggers'. But for healthcare bloggers, producing accurate and valuable blog posts requires an even greater time investment due to industry restrictions (HIPAA), privacy laws and the need for more thorough research. So if you don't have much time to blog here are a few tips for producing a great blog post in 30 minutes or less.   Use Your Doctor The best way to obtain great content with minimum time investment is to interview a physician or other healthcare subject matter expert at your hospital or practice. Start by requesting a 10-minute interview on a specific topic (i.e. a topic in which the doctor is an expert) … [Read more...]

Create Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps

With over 72 million blogs on WordPress and 42.7 million on Tumblr, it’s safe to say everyone is blogging these days. If you haven't already started, consider a blog as a means of publishing your own work. Remember too that blogging is also a great way to market your skills or professional work on the web. **Image credit: David Armano Sure, starting your own blog may seem intimidating, but it’s really a matter of three easy steps. Once you’ve completed those, all that’s left is the writing. Step 1: Deciding What to Write About The number one excuse for not starting a blog is, “Oh, I just don’t know what I would talk about.” Don’t let that hold you back though; ask yourself three simple questions to decide what you would blog about. What are you passionate about? Is there a subject you think needs more attention on the … [Read more...]

Amazon Publishing: Helping Readers and Writers Find Each Other

In a recent article titled "7 Dirty Little Book Publishing Secrets Every Writer Needs to Know", Susan Daffron at Copyblogger asked an audience of writers, "Where is Your Book?" It is a scary proposition. Most of us are content to write blogs, white papers and all kinds of digital content. Why not printed books? (And no - print isn't dead, just struggling). It is a good time to be a writer. Sure the dynamics of publishing are changing. Amazon has made sure of that with their bold entrance into that industry (which was imminent by the way). "Amazon did what any successful business tries to do: it looked for opportunities to grow by offering different services than its competitors." ~ Laurel Saville, Embracing New Opportunities, New York Times All of a sudden there are now huge opportunities for writers. There will always be … [Read more...]