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Millennials, Brands and Digital Content [Infographic]

Jay (not real name) is a 26-year old grad student from Chicago. He is single, is active on Facebook, Twitter and His favorite websites, newspapers, magazines or TV shows are: The Economist, The Onion,,, and Dexter. Jay has this advice for companies who want to truly reach him and his friends: "Take time to engage with us. Don't just push your message, but listen as well. Social media networks make this very easy for you but they're often misused or underused by companies like yours. Prompt a response, a discussion and relate your company to someone's life. Don't be afraid to step outside your specific product and go for the bigger message to which we can relate and participate." Millennial conusmers a.k.a. digital natives, are fast becoming a very influential group of consumers. Brands … [Read more...]

Using Data to Create Healthcare Narratives

I mentioned in a previous post that "important stories live in our data". Particularly in healthcare where tons of data abound. The problem is that healthcare is not producing enough good stories to support decision-making in the industry. Instead what we have is an explosion of reports, spreadsheets, charts and tables such as this: For most people this kind of data is useless and invites lots of questions: What is this? What is happening? Why? What do we do with it? But if you can translate it into a narrative or make it visual so that people are able to understand it then it becomes useful. Even physicians and decision-makers in the industry could use easier ways to understand this kind of data. Something like this infographic below makes more sense (not related to above data-set): This infographic provides … [Read more...]

Data-Driven Storytelling: 6 Steps to a Credible Story

Compelling stories live in our data. But you wouldn't know it by the way brands treat it. In a recent article published on Content Marketing Institute, Colleen Jones asked the question, “Can digital branded content ever be taken seriously — even as seriously as journalism?” Without a doubt journalism has had a huge head start when it comes to creating stories that capture hearts and minds. Part of that success comes from using research data (polls, surveys and feedback) to understand what readers find valuable, particularly as it relates to the issues and problems they face. Do content marketers have the same research opportunities? Of course they do. In fact, if more content marketers were to use publicly available data the way journalists do then branded content would offer new angles, insights, and more value to stories … [Read more...]

How to Avoid A Social Media Crisis [Infographic]

Social media crises are on the rise. Ever since United Airlines broke Dave Carroll's guitar in July 2009, thousands of companies whose negative actions were amplified by social media have paid the price in terms of public humiliation, loss of good reputation and in some cases financial loss. According to Jeremiah Owyang's, Social Business Readiness Report  (August 2011) 76% of these crises could have been avoided or diminished if only companies made some internal investment in social media planning and preparedness. To learn from where others have failed, he suggests that companies should follow the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs. This infographic captures the most salient points of his case. Download the full report by clicking on this link.   Embed this code to your blog: Over to you: What is your … [Read more...]