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6 Must-Have Blogging Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Are you looking for ways to enhance your blogging process? Do you need some tools to help you stay productive? Here are six tools that could make your life easier and faster. #1. Trello Trello is pretty neat. It is a project management platform that allows users to work on a project from different locations. It provides an interface that can be accessed by all members of a team so that they may complete tasks. It is especially useful for virtual team collaboration. If you manage a multi-author blog, you can use Trello to assign blog projects to your writers, keep track of everyone's progress, and communicate instructions or due dates.  Trello comes with boards, cards, lists and labels to maximize communication and productivity. #2. Dropbox Dropbox allows you to easily share files between different computers and devices … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Make Your Content More Likeable

Are you struggling to write more likeable content? In case you haven't heard, there's a tremendous need for businesses today to be more approachable, and this usually starts with creating likeable content. Image credit: Shashi Bellamkonda Why is this important? Because for most people, your content (website, blog, social media content, or other print media) is the first point of contact with your business. If they're turned off by what they read, it's unlikely that they'll want to do business with you. However if your content resonates with them on a personal level, chances are they'll like it, subscribe to receive it more frequently, and (possibly) even purchase whatever it is that you're selling. So what should you do to make your content appeal to them? Here are 4 ideas to apply to your written content: #1. Lose … [Read more...]

What Olympian Stories Teach Us About Content Marketing

If you've been watching the Olympic Games closely, then you've heard some pretty compelling stories about athletes who've overcome huge obstacles and heartbreaking losses to achieve triumph. My favorite Olympian story is about Guor Marial who actually doesn't belong to any country - he is running track as an independent athlete. His story is that at the of 8, he ran away to escape child slavery at a labor camp in Sudan. At 16, he came to the U.S. as a refugee and discovered that he was good at distance running (No kidding!). Marial did not qualify to run for the US Olympic team as he was not a citizen. But then he refused an offer to run for Sudan, where so many including his own family have suffered. One month before the 2012 Summer Olympics, Marial was cleared by the Olympic Committee to run as an independent athlete. … [Read more...]

12 Ways to Achieve Online Influence With or Without Klout

I recently read Mark Schaefer's new book 'Return on Influence,' which in a nut shell talks about 'personal power' and influence on the social web. So if you have a social media account, your value and relevance on social channels is constantly being judged and evaluated by Klout. I cannot begin to tell you how distasteful that thought is to me personally. But in today's post, I'm not going to persuade you to become a Klout-hater like me. I simply wish to suggest to you that there are ways (good old fashioned ones for that matter!) to achieve online influence whether Klout says so or not. Here are 12 of them: What are your thoughts? Have I completely missed the point? Feel free to educate me! Embed code and share on your own blog: Patricia Redsicker … [Read more...]

How to Avoid A Social Media Crisis [Infographic]

Social media crises are on the rise. Ever since United Airlines broke Dave Carroll's guitar in July 2009, thousands of companies whose negative actions were amplified by social media have paid the price in terms of public humiliation, loss of good reputation and in some cases financial loss. According to Jeremiah Owyang's, Social Business Readiness Report  (August 2011) 76% of these crises could have been avoided or diminished if only companies made some internal investment in social media planning and preparedness. To learn from where others have failed, he suggests that companies should follow the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs. This infographic captures the most salient points of his case. Download the full report by clicking on this link.   Embed this code to your blog: Over to you: What is your … [Read more...]

How Marketers Are Using Social Media for Business in 2012 [Infographic]

Every year, Michael Stelzner and the diligent folks at Social Media Examiner prepare a social media marketing industry report that shows how marketers are using social media to promote their businesses. If you're doing social media for yourself or for clients, this 42-page report is one that you absolutely need to download and study. You will want to examine all the research and charts and discover some of the 'not-so-obvious' findings that are contained in the report. I created an infographic to give you a little glimpse of the actual report. Remember, this is just a tiny sliver of the valuable information contained in the report so do yourself a big favor and go to Social Media Examiner to download the real thing!   Embed this code to your blog: Over to you: Are you surprised by these key findings? Be sure … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Business Blogging is Better than Facebook [Infographic]

This Friday's infographic compares business blogging with Facebook and builds a case as to why blogging is the better marketing strategy. Now I'm a HUGE Facebook fan myself (especially with the new Timeline!) but if you're not blogging, you're missing out on some important business benefits! In addition trying to build your own brand on someone else's territory is always risky. Going by my own experience, here are 10 reasons why business blogging is better than Facebook:     Embed this infographic on your site Over to you: How do you compare Facebook and business blogging? Which one has worked out better for you? … [Read more...]

Presentation Tips: 15 Ways to “Wow!” the Crowd

Have you done any public speaking? If not, do you wonder how great speakers execute flawless presentations with such (seemingly) little effort? Public speaking, key notes and online presentations are hard work. It takes time and practice to learn how to perform well and more so, how to captivate your audience. Part of it might come naturally, but for the most part repetition and rehearsal are the key to flawless presentations. Joe Pulizzi (founder of Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Managing Content Marketing) is a great speaker with over 300 presentations under his belt. In this article, Joe shares 15 great tips and tricks that he has used over the years to polish up his presentation skills. Some tips are really simple - like smiling a lot! But others are probably things you haven't thought of before, like … [Read more...]

The 7 Elements of Smart Content [Infographic]

Infographics are the in thing right now and I thought it would be a neat idea to present some cool ones on this blog as well. My first content marketing infographic is actually a visual interpretation of an article I curated last October called the 7 elements of smart content. I hope you like it. I will be adding more content and social media infographics every so often for your enjoyment. By the way, please re-tweet, share or pin this infographic on Pinterest if you like. Well, what do you think? … [Read more...]