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I came across an old, but interesting article on  Written by Chris Yeh the article examines the concept of ‘Freelance Partnerships’ .  It is about freelancers with different skill- sets partnering together to offer clients a wider scope of services. Nothing new here.

Back in 2003 (when this article was written), it was probably a novel idea.  Not to say that freelancer’s hadn’t been thinking about it.  In today’s business world, partnerships are at the top of the food chain.  What, with BPO opportunities crawling the Internet, your company or freelance business can offer a greater variety of services than ever before!  For example, a copywriter like myself, would do well to partner with a graphic designer to produce marketing collateral material that would otherwise be impossible to achieve as a lone wolf.

And there might yet be another type of partnership.  I’m thinking about copywriters partnering with other copywriters.  Perhaps one copywriter has a niche in marketing documents like brochures, ad copy and newsletters.  And another copywriter has a niche in technical writing or white paper.  I mean everyone is outsourcing, and copywriters are no exception.  Call it a marriage of convenience, but if it works, why not?

Does this partnership affect the freelance-corporate relationship?

I don’t think so.  The corporate client is concerned with one thing, and one thing alone. Results!  The client doesn’t care about the logistical workings of the freelance partnership.  The general contractor and sub-contractor must handle their business in a professional manner to ensure a happy working relationship.  The corporate client is impressed by proper planning, time-management, clear communication, firm price quotes and meeting the final  project deliverables.

When push comes to shove, the economy has presented some critical challenges which in my opinion have turned into fascinating opportunities.  Lean budgets and downsizing have resulted in big time outsourcing, and I think every business entity has outsourced some of their processes or, are considering to do so.  It’s cheap, fast, and reliable.  Best of all, it’s easy!!

If you’ve got a copy writing project too delicate to screw up, contact me today.  I’ll quote you on a perfect professional job – no screw-ups, guaranteed.

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