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Be remarkable

I came across this old video on Youtube.  Seth Godin tells businesses to ‘stand out, to be remarkable’.  Check it out:

I know for a lot of us who offer products or services that don’t have a unique factor, it is a challenge to figure out how to ‘stand out’.

I for example have a copy writing service, and so do many others – nothing remarkable about that!  But  I have done a little homework and found that there aren’t many copy writers in my community that write White Paper!  That is something that might cause me to stand out from the multitude of copy writers in Howard County, MD for example.

What can you offer your customers, that your competitors are not offering?  A couple of weeks ago, my car was in the garage for a really long time and I was forced to rent a car for the duration.  It cost quite a chunk of change in addition to the astronomical price of having my car fixed.

I found myself thinking that it would be really cool if the garage offered me a free loaner.  You know if they did that, I would never go anywhere else. That would make them different, because no-one does that in my town!

But no, they’re just like everyone else – and that’s why I can’t say for a fact that I will use them again in the future.  There’s just nothing different about them.

So, find out what you can do to differentiate your business from the competition and go for it! Stand out and be remarkable!!

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