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5 Tips for Creating a Healthcare Newsletter Customers Will Love to Read

Do you include email newsletters in your healthcare marketing recipe? Would you like some new tips to spice up and engage your readership? … [Read more...]

4 Essential Elements of a Great Healthcare Marketing Print Ad

I recently came across a healthcare print ad published by Hartford Healthcare in the Hartford Business Journal (December 3, 2012), titled “Healthcare Matters: Communications in Health Care”.  For some reason that ad caught my eye and as I read it through, I was captivated by a brilliant marketing piece. … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Promoting Your Hospital Brand Strategy

A great hospital brand is hard to find. That's because traditionally marketing and branding have been considered an expense rather than an investment that yields return. However much like corporate brands, hospitals and healthcare businesses should be guided by the vision of the organization, their values statement, and of course consumer rankings. … [Read more...]

4 Major Marketing Goals for Medical Businesses in 2013

Have you documented your marketing goals for 2013? Is your medical business ready to hit the ground running on January 1st? As the new year approaches most of you are busy setting up new plans to move your medical business further along in 2013. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Know it’s Time to Update Your Medical Website

I always tell clients that their website is their "face" to the world and their customer’s window into the business. … [Read more...]

Where is the Healthcare Marketing for Interstitial Cystitis?

We all understand the important role healthcare marketing plays in publicizing and educating people about major diseases, pharmaceutical advancements and medical procedure innovations. … [Read more...]

How to Write a Great Healthcare Blog Post in 30 Minutes or Less

Are you a healthcare blogger struggling to write valuable blog posts on a time crunch? … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Promote Your Healthcare Business with Facebook Ads

You may have heard that social ads are the future of advertising and to that effect Facebook ads have become a popular choice for healthcare business promotion. Perhaps the most unique differentiator about Facebook ads is the ability for highly targeted advertising on a platform that has over one billion users. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Protect Patient Privacy in Social Media Content

In this ever growing age of technology just about everyone is using social media for their business as a tool for sharing information. … [Read more...]