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SEO Basics for SEO-challenged health professionals – Part 1

I asked a doctor friend what she thought SEO meant. She quickly responded, “I’m a physician, not a financial advisor.”  (I think she got it confused with ROI!). … [Read more...]

How Orthondontist Dr.Jeremy Smith Uses Social Media to Create Happy Smiles

Are you a doctor struggling to implement social media at your practice? Do you wonder if it's even worth your time and effort? … [Read more...]

What Olympian Stories Teach Us About Content Marketing

If you've been watching the Olympic Games closely, then you've heard some pretty compelling stories about athletes who've overcome huge obstacles and heartbreaking losses to achieve triumph. … [Read more...]

Social Media Interview with Dr. Dorothy Mellon (ENT Specialist)

One of the projects that Dr. Dorothy Mellon undertakes apart from taking care of her ENT (Ear, nose and throat) patients is researching social media and the benefits that it offers physicians like herself. … [Read more...]

New Mobile Health App Helps Families Feel More Secure

Do you know someone who is constantly sick or in poor health? Do you worry that something might happen to them when there's no-one closeby to assist? … [Read more...]

5 Twitter Tips for Medical Professionals

Twitter. It’s a great tool for social media marketing if you know how to use it. But medical professionals and doctors may be resistant to using Twitter for a variety of reasons. … [Read more...]

Cyberbullying and Social Media: 4 Ways to Protect Your Children

My daughter came home crying from school one day. “Mom, we had a lecture from the principal today about Facebook.  John said some really bad things to Steven on Facebook. Everyone started posting comments about it and making fun of Steven for it. Then Steven’s parents saw it and threw a fit at the principal.” … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at Cigna’s Social Media

Cigna, one of the largest healthcare services companies in the nation, was one of the first companies to implement an integrated social media strategy. … [Read more...]

Using Social Media for Doctor-to-Doctor Communication

Medicine is a communication-intensive practice. Or at least is should be. Medical staff including nurses, clinicians, specialists, and administrators should talk to one another often to ensure strong patient outcomes. … [Read more...]