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An Essential Checklist for Creating Valuable Content #cmworld

Are you struggling to create valuable content on your blog?

Do you know the 5 key elements that ALL your content should include?

One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Content Marketing World (#cmworld) is how to develop a step-by-step checklist for creating valuable content (by Ahava Leibtag).

On the left column, it shows your key content objectives and on the right column it shows the elements needed to fulfill that objective.

5 elements for creating valuable content

Download the checklist here.

But before you start using the checklist, be sure to set the stage so that your chances of success are greater.

Personalize it for your organization

Use key words, descriptions, and call to actions that are relevant to your specific brand and industry.

Get the right people involved

You will need to involve all the decision-makers – including a content manager – that will approve your content creation strategy. Be sure you have their buy-in before you start creating content.

Share the checklist with your team

Make sure that everyone who will be involved in the content creation process i.e. writers, researchers, editors, subject-matter experts, photographer and so on, have a copy of the checklist and understand what is required.

Update often

Be sure to update or edit as needed e.g. if your organization launches a new product or service, you will need to add it to your key words, descriptions and so on.

Print and Use often

Make sure that the checklist is printed often and distributed to every team-member so that they may use it to evaluate their content.

What do you think: Do you use a similar type of checklist to ensure quality content? What other elements have you included in your checklist?

Hat Tip to Ahava Leibtag for this awesome presentation!


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